Keeping your federal corporation in good shape

Transcription — Keeping your federal corporation in good shape

[A view of a woman in a car facing the camera.]

Narrator: You are now a federally incorporated business. (Congratulations, by the way).

[Pull back to reveal the truck driven by the woman entering a repair shop called "Ultimate Garage". A man holding a tablet is waiting for her. The focus is now on the man standing holding the tablet with a view of Corporations Canada's website.]

Narrator: So now that you've made the move, here are five things you need to do to keep your corporation in top shape. It is like a basic maintenance plan!

[The background displays a wall with shelves holding products and tools. A phone and tablet appear in the middle of the screen. The phone shows a small phone icon and the tablet a small envelope.

  • Stay in touch!
  • File your annual return]

Narrator: One — Stay in touch! Let us know that you are still in business by filing your annual return. By the way, your annual return is NOT your income tax return. Do this quickly and simply on line.

[The food truck owner is holding a tablet (doing return on line): she is next to the truck on the hoist in the garage. Zooming on the woman with the tablet showing a small envelope with the number '1". Key: Subscribe for reminders.]

Narrator: It takes only a few minutes. You can even subscribe to be reminded by email when it's due!

[The background displays a wall with tools. A tablet appears in the middle of the screen showing the word "Moving?" and number "2". Key: Stay connected!]

Narrator: Two — Stay connected! Let us know if your corporation moves by filing a change of registered office address.

[Small colourful buildings appear in the background. Key: File a change of registered office address]

Narrator: This is your official address — absolutely essential for people who want to communicate with your corporation, right?

[Three mechanics in coveralls stand next to the truck. One has a number 3 on his chest pocket. One member disappears and is replaced by a woman.
Who's on board?

  • File changes of your board of directors]

Narrator: Three — Who's on board? Let us know if there are changes to your board of directors by updating this info on our website. The public has a right to know who the current directors are and where they can be reached.

[Four tires are stacked neatly with the number "4" on a fifth tire. Three documents appear in the middle of the screen one by one with the words "Name change, Share structure, Add/Remove restrictions". Key: What's new?]

Narrator: Four — What's new? Let us know when you make changes to your corporation by amending your articles of incorporation.

Key: Amend your articles of incorporation]

Narrator: Your articles set out the basic structure of your corporation. If you change that structure, you have to amend your articles. You can do this online, too.

[The image of a corporate profile with the number "5" on it appears in the middle of the screen. The image rotates very slowly to the right.

  • Look at your profile!
  • Review your corporate information]

Narrator: Five — Check out your profile! It is a good idea to have a look at your corporate profileonline. Do this regularly and ask yourself if the information is up to date. Your profile is public information.

[All five steps glide in view one by one.

1 — File annual return
2  — File change of office address
3 — Changes to Board of Directors
4 — Amend articles of incorporation
5 — Review your corporate information]

Narrator: Five simple steps to keep your federal corporation in top shape — and you can do it all online. Pretty simple, right?

[On screen, two icons appear.
Website icon:
Telephone icon: 1-866-333-5556 (toll-free in Canada)]

Narrator: Find out more by contacting us!

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