Federal incorporation

Transcription — Federal incorporation

[A woman business owner is standing in her pho enterprise, with a man and child at her side.]

Narrator: Incorporating.

[The woman shakes some spices into two steaming bowls of pho.]

Narrator: Whether you are starting a business, or thinking about expanding, the word — and the prospect — can be intimidating.

[The woman shows concern and thoughtfulness.]

Narrator: After all, your business "journey" involves many stages…

[The woman is thinking while four images representing equipment, staff, income and cash flow pop on screen around her. Key: Is it right for you?]

Narrator: … adding equipment, adding staff, building income and cash flow. We are pretty sure the word "incorporation" has come up — and you're likely asking yourself if it's right for you.

[An image of Corporations Canada's website appears on a computer monitor.

  • More than 40,000 new incorporations per year
  • Simple, fast, painless]

Narrator: We are Corporations Canada, and we help over 40,000 businesses become federally incorporated every year, making the process simple… fast… and painless.

[On a computer screen, the words "Enter Business Name: Pat's Phopup" appear, with a green checkmark next to it and a maple leaf in the background. Key: Operate under one unique name nationally]

Narrator: So why incorporate with Corporations Canada? With federal incorporation, you have the right to use the name across Canada.

[On a computer screen appears a green-coloured dollar sign within a downward arrow. Key: Lower tax rates]

Narrator: You'll most likely lower your tax rate. Corporations are taxed separately from their owners.

[On a computer screen appears a shield with a dollar sign in its center. Key: Limited liability]

Narrator: You will be able to limit your liability.

[On a computer screen appears a vault. Key: Easier access to financial support]

Narrator: And… you may enjoy easier access to financing. As a corporation, you may be able to borrow money at lower rates.

[On a computer screen appears a clock, with two green arrows pointing toward the clock. Key: Incorporate within one day]

Narrator: Online incorporations cost $200 and you can be incorporated within one business day.

[On a computer screen appears an envelope with a small "1" in its top right hand corner. Key: Email confirmation within minutes]

Narrator: Within minutes of your incorporation, we will send an email that includes your business number, along with links to important information.

[The owner is holding a tablet (split-screen) with friendly-looking officer at computer workstation.]

Narrator: We are proud to offer you direct access to knowledgeable officers who can help answer your questions.

[The owner is holding a tablet and her male partner (in dark apron) stand offering bowls of pho to camera.]

Narrator: Corporations Canada: we can help you get back to doing the real work—building your business' future.

[On screen, two icons appear.
Website icon: www.canada.ca/federal-incorporation
Telephone icon: 1-866-333-5556 (toll-free in Canada)]

Narrator: Here's how reach us:

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